How to straighten bleached blonde hair?

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How to straighten bleached blonde hair?

All hair textures should not be subjected to excessive use of a style tool. Especially bleached hair, since after this procedure hair tends to get more fragile.

Because of this, it's crucial to take good care of your strands before using straightening tools. Do you want to know the best habits to keep beautiful blonde and straight hair? Keep reading this article and learn how to properly use straighteners on blonde hair without harming it.

Can I straighten my hair after bleaching it?

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Yes, you can, however it all relies on how much damage is done to your blond hair. There are products on the market designed exclusively for bleached hair straightening. On the other hand, bleached hair with a melting and sticky texture is not recommended to be straightened.


If you aim to do a permanent straightening treatment, it is recommended to talk to a professional hair stylist to assess hair’s health. When it comes to heat styling, always use a thermal protector first and keep a maximum temperature of 180°C. Plus, avoid using the flat iron more than once a week.

Does straightening make blonde hair dry?

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Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical procedure, so it is common to feel your hair dry after dying it blonde. Since blonde hair is also more fragile, straightening can make your strands dry as well, especially if you straighten your hair often with temporary heat tools.


How to treat and avoid it? By moisturizing your locks! Use high quality products for dry and damaged hair and build an effective hair care routine. After every hair wash, use a leave-in conditioner after towel drying your strands. You must also use a hair mask weekly and a thermal protector before using any kind of heat styling tool.


Oiling your hair with natural ingredients is also a great way to keep it healthy: you can apply an oil (like coconut or almond oil) to your dry strands, leave it for a couple hours and then rinse it and wash it as usual. After styling your hair, you can try a serum, which enhances the appearance of straightened hair when applied to moist hair.

When using a flat iron

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We’ve already mentioned that using a thermal protector is essential. Plus, to avoid severe damage, you must keep your iron at a lower temperature (max. 180°C) and avoid straightening the same area/lock many times.


If your hair is too curly, frizzy or voluminous, divide areas of hair into little sections and work on each one gradually rather than swiping your hands over it repeatedly if it often doesn't go in one sweep.


Besides, when purchasing a flat iron, prefer the ones with ceramic plates. This material distributes heat more evenly, which is safer and less aggressive for hair.

The secret to straightening blond hair without causing damage is awareness of care and hair state. So, take good care of your strands and you will enjoy your blonde and straight hair!

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