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RIOBELO is a Professional Brazilian Hair Cosmetic Brand providing a range of hair care treatments using avant garde innovative technology,  and highest quality ingredients that are both safe to use and environmentally friendly.

We take particular pride in the 20 minutes only™ technology that combines practicality and outstanding results. Choose RIOBLELO for smooth, straight, and frizz-free hair and wake up to beautiful hair everyday.

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No. We recommend the use of RIOBELO Deep Nutrition Mask for hair restoration until it is healthy.

It is a hair treated weekly through the use of moisturizing products, and therefore, does not show falling or hair breakage. If after the strand test your hair becomes brittle, dry or without elasticity, it is a sign that the hair is not in healthy condition. To restore your hair, we recommend the use of RIOBELO Deep Nutrition Mask.

The durability is temporary and may vary depending on the type of hair and the frequency that the hair is washed.

No. We recommend that you wait 15 days for the use of coloring/tinctures. In the case of toners, the use is allowed.

Yes, as long as the hair is in healthy condition. However the hair may lose up to 2 shades of color.

Yes, as long as the hair is in healthy condition. However the hair may change during RIOBELO Professional Real Brazilian Protein application.

The relaxing or smoothing cream must be applied at least 30 days after the use of RIOBELO Professional Real Brazilian Protein. However, the use of the product will depend on how the result obtained in the strand test.

We do not recommend the use because this type of product can help to reduce the durability of the smooth effect from RIOBELO Professional Real Brazilian Protein.

No, 20 minutes is not suitable for all hair types. The manual specifies a range of 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the hair type.

The amount of time required to achieve optimal results varies depending on the hair type. It is important to consider the following:

  • Type 1 (straight) and Type 2 (wavy) hair: We recommend a processing time of 20 minutes.
  • Type 3 (curly) and Type 4 (coily) hair: A longer processing time of approximately 40 minutes is necessary.

It is crucial to apply the product to very thin strands, especially for coily hair types such as Type 4b and 4c. If the strands are not thin enough, an extended processing time of 50 to 60 minutes may be necessary to ensure better results.

Adjusting the processing time according to the hair type is essential to achieve the desired results and ensure customer satisfaction.