5 reasons to tie up your hair during summer

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5 reasons to tie up your hair during summer

Our hair is sensitive, just like our skin. As a result, it needs constant attention and protection. And sometimes the best way to take care of your hair can be tying it up. Besides using good hair care products, using protective hairstyles with hair ties and scrunchies might have a major impact on your hair's condition. 

When tying  your hair up, keep in mind that using conventional elastic hair ties might harm your hair and prevent it from growing. However, fabric scrunchies, scarves, and other such products might come to the rescue. Here are a few advantages to wearing your hair in a bun!


Is it true that tying your hair up keeps it from breaking?


Yes - but while it's crucial to tie your hair back, picking the appropriate rubber band is just as important. Hair ties, no matter which kind you use, always pull the hair. Scrunchies are elastic hair ties with a cloth cover that won't tangle or knot your hair. 


Scrunchies, when compared to a traditional hair tie, are significantly softer on your hair. This is because of the textural layer between your hair and the rubber band. You may easily experiment with your style by swapping them out because they come in a variety of interesting patterns, colors, sizes, designs, and fabrics! 


There are various patterns and textures available, ranging from double-layer scrunchies, ruffle, ribbon, and scarf to fur, satin, velvet, lycra, shimmer, and organza scrunchies in thin, slim, twiggy, and giant sizes.


Why you should tie up your hair


  • It has the ability to prevent hair breakageJoyful young woman with hair buns winks eyes makes peace sign over eye smiles happily wears fur coat makes disco finger gesture isolated over purple wall Free Photo

    Tying your hair is a beneficial, protective habit that can save your hair from breakage by strengthening the structure of the hair. In fact, a loosely wrapped braid can help your body's natural hair growth process.

  • Frizziness can be avoided 
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    You know how frizzy, out-of-whack hair can completely ruin your appearance. Tying it all up, on the other hand, can save you from this horror. Tying up hair in a hairstyle such as braids protects it from the damaging effects of heat, for example, which prevents it from becoming dry, brittle, and, more importantly, frizzy!

  • It has the ability to help to keep your hair moisturized


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    Some hairstyles, such as braiding, increase nourishing and moisture-locking capacity, which helps with preventing hair frizziness and dryness. They aid in the retention of moisture in the hair, keeping it hydrated and nourished. For added nourishment, you can oil your hair before tying it!

  • Even while you're sleeping, it takes care of your hair
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    Because there is less friction between the knotted hair and the pillow cover, tying your hair before going to bed can offer excellent results!

  • It prevents split ends 
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    Tying your hair before going outside can help protect it from the sun and pollution.

    With reduced exposure to these stress-inducing substances, your hair is more likely to be safeguarded from split ends and dryness.

    Why are these habits even more important during summer?

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    Summer brings not just heat, but also humidity, grime, and pollution, all of which can ruin hair’s appearance. Summer sun can cause your hair to appear limp and lifeless.

    The sun dries out the hair, while the humidity flattens it out. Sweat and dust contribute to dandruff, split ends, hair loss, and just about everything else we don't want. By tying your strands, you decrease your hair’s exposition to these agents.

    Try to tie up your hair with the right accessories (delicate ones) and protective hairstyles - your hair will thank you for sure!