Professional Real Brazilian Smoothing Mask For Normal and Curly Hair 1kg RioTox (P)


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    Your dream of healthy, smooth, straight, and frizz-free hair at home has come true!

    Ingredients & Benefits

    The Maracujá RioTox Brazilian Mask is the perfect solution for those looking to achieve healthy, smooth, and natural-looking hair.

    Utilizing our exclusive avant-garde technology and the benefits of the maracujá extract, this mask provides beautiful results in just 20 minutes!



    From the Amazon Rainforest, the maracujá, also known as passion fruit, is very rich in complex vitamins A, B, and E, minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus and contains high levels of fatty acids and bioflavonoids. This mixture holds various benefits to the hair including acting as an antioxidant, anti-dandruff, emollient, and moisturizing properties, and is also effective in controlling oiliness.

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