RIOBELO Professional Brazilian Hair Treatments for straighter, smoother, healthier and stronger hair!

Our Promise to you:  Wakeup with beautiful hair everyday!

Through innovative technology and top quality ingredients, RIOBELO provides you with premium professional Brazilian Hair Treatments for smoothing and straightening that are both safe to use and environmentally friendly, 

RIOBELO reveals the real secret behind Brazilian gorgeous frizz-free smooth hair

1. Fruit-Based Products

The two indigenous Brazilian fruits Maracuja and Acai are what uniquely differentiate RIOBELO’s product line. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the natural extracts from Maracuja and Acai offer your hair a real transformation, making it stronger, more resistant, vibrant and amazingly smooth.

2. Formaldehyde Free | Paraben Free

RIOBELO products are completely paraben free and formaldehyde-free. All our products are tested and are safe and effective on all types of hair.

3. 20 minutes only™ Technology

The Innovative technology in our 20 minutes only™ professional Brazilian Hair Treatments sets us apart combining practicality with consistently beautiful frizz-free smooth hair.

4. Accessible

RIOBELO’s Brazilian Hair Treatments are accessible, providing real value in terms of quality, economy, efficiency and effectiveness. You can now enjoy extraordinary professional Brazilian Hair Treatments at a partner salon or in the comfort of your home.

5. Environmentally Friendly, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Our commitment to the environment has earned RIOBELO the Green Seal (Selo Verde).

Together with our partners, we comply with international best practices for safe and clean production, reduced pollution and sustainable best practices:

●    Reduced Gas Emissions

●    Recyclable Packaging

●    Vegan

●    Organic

●    Cruelty Free

6. 100% Made in Brazil

RIOBELO’s products are 100% Brazilian sourced across the value chain. From raw material all the way to final packaging, all the materials are meticulously chosen to guarantee the highest quality, efficiency, and safety.

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