The trendiest hairstyles to rock 2022

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The trendiest hairstyles to rock 2022

Who doesn’t love new cycles? New beginnings are exciting and there is nothing better than a physical change to complement and mark a new phase. 

A new hairstyle is the best way to do that: between subtle and radical changes, there are countless options of what we can do to our hair. New haircuts, new hair colors or even both combined! 

If you feel ready to refresh your look, we’ve separated our favorite trendy hairstyles for 2022. Check them out and choose your favorite! 



In general, short and medium lengths are going to rule this year. 90’s and 2000’s inspirations will also be seen everywhere! Take a look at the hairstyles that promise to be the most wanted:

  •  Short length



    A big 2022 trend! It seems it will be a rage in beauty salons. Among the most popular haircuts, The “bob” cut stands out. 


    A bob haircut consists in a short to medium length haircut, exposing the back of the neck and keeping all of the hair well above the shoulders. 


    Although the hair needs to have a maximum length limit to fall into the "bob" category, many variations are allowed within this type of cut. From its own length to the amount of layers and the option to be accompanied by bangs or not, for example. 


    Within all this diversity, a certain type is currently considered the most fashionable: the blunt cut bob. 


    It is a classic from the 90’s, and, just like we had mentioned, fashion is obsessed with this decade! A blunt cut bob is characterized by having no layers.It is straight across and all one length. And the most popular version will be in medium length: somewhere above the shoulder and below the chin. 

  • Medium length

  • This length will also be very popular. It is a good option if you are tired of your long hair, but still don’t have courage to “radicalize”. You’ve seen that the favorite style for short hair is a blunt bob. Well, when it comes to medium and long hair we have the opposite of it: layers and more layers. The more, the better. 

    They also have a retro inspiration from the 90’s and 2000’s and are great to give hair some movement and frame the face. The idea is to have the effect of bouncy and voluminous hair. 


  • Long length


    Long strands are not protagonists this time, but don’t worry: they are an all time classic and never really go out of style. If you want to keep long hair for 2022, a safe bet is a “dramatic” look, with sleek and straight locks. 



    If you are afraid of the scissor or just don’t feel like changing your haircut for a while, there are still plenty of options for you! Try something new in your hair color. Here are 2022 musts: 


  • Classic brown


    Brown shades suit everyone and never go out of style! Mixing a brown base with subtle and discreet highlights results in a fun and modern look. 



  • All types of highlights

  • We have seen a comeback of large and bold highlights, a.k.a chunky ribbons. If you like them, good news: they will still be massive. But if they are not really your favorite style, you don’t have to worry: thin and natural highlights will also be trendy. There are highlights for all tastes! 

  • Blonde shades

    When it comes to blonde, the warmer shades will take over the year. Sandy blonde, golden and caramel highlights are strong bets for 2022. 

  • Ginger

  • The warm tones fever has also achieved reddish hair colors! If you are into lighter shades, golden cooper is a good option. If you are looking for a different and darker shade, “chocolate cherry” is highly recommended. The color consists in a rich brown base with warm reddish undertones, such as rose and traditional red. This tone is getting famous for being Zendaya’s hair color. 

    Did you like these hairstyles? We hope that you feel ready to try a new look for 2022. 

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