Have you ever wonder how to make your hair grow faster? And even better, faster, and healthier than normal? What if I tell you that is possible? Cause hey, it is!


Hair strands are primarily made out of a protein called keratin, responsible for working as the life of the hair, meaning it is also responsible for the health of your strands and how fast and Strong the strand can grow.

Your hair structure can get damaged by many factors like heat, pollution, poor hair care, unhealthy diet, sun heat, and many others... 

Protein treatments help soften the hair, strengthen hair strands, thickens them, making them healthier, treating heat and pollution-related problems, and adds extra volume and body to them as well. DIY protein treatments at home use regular kitchen products to treat the loss of keratin in the damaged spots like hair masks.

Follow below a few recipes that can be done at home and will save your hair!

There's no better sensation than waking up with good-looking hair, having no trouble styling it, and yet looking like you just came out of a salon. For that to happen there are a few important hacks everyone should be aware of. Those hacks will help with shaping. controlling the volume of your hair, keeping it healthy and Strong.

These tips will help with all types of hair, natural or chemically treated. All those alternatives are safe ways to maintain the smoothness and prevent future damages caused by home or solon made procedures, weather and heat levels