Overnight beauty hair hacks to wake up ready for the day!

Overnight beauty hair hacks to wake up ready for the day!

There's no better sensation than waking up with good-looking hair, having no trouble styling it, and yet looking like you just came out of a salon. For that to happen there are a few important hacks everyone should be aware of. Those hacks will help with shaping. controlling the volume of your hair, keeping it healthy and Strong.


Shinny hair with a smooth texture is a synonym of wealthy hair, however manipulating its natural structure is very common, although cosmetic procedures are intrinsically safe, there is potential for damage to the hair. Loss of luster, frizz, split ends, and other hair problems are particularly prevalent among people who repeatedly alter the natural style of their hair.


These tips will help with all types of hair, natural or chemically treated. All those alternatives are safe ways to maintain the smoothness and prevent future damages caused by home or solon made procedures, weather and heat levels


. Sleeping with wet hair


Probably the biggest red flag when talking about hair care is sleeping with wet hair, it damages the ends of your hair, breaking and leaving them dry. Also sleeping with wet hair increases the chance of having dandruff and oily roots.


. Use of silk pillowcase


Silk pillowcases are a big yes when it comes to overnight hair care, they help to decrease frizz and split ends


. Sleeping with braids


For creating the idea of beach waves and less chance of breaking your hair, sleeping with multiple braids (with dry hair) is a great solution. Waking up is just necessary to brush the braids out and you have ready-to-go hair.



. Overnight Oils


Using essential oils during the night is a great option to fast save your hair from heat/saltwater damages, apply it before going to bed and sleep with a towel over your pillowcase, wash it right when you wake up. Just keep in mind that most treatments with overnight oils should be combined with any type of heat product like flat irons or blow dryers. Wait for at least two complete washes before using these tools, since the oil in your hair will act like any normal oil in a frying pan, completely frying your hair if not certainly washed.


. Rice water 


Rice water has many nutrients able to restore your hair, using it during bath time to wash your hair will make it shinner and stronger with time, a couple of washes already show how great the results can be.


. Eat Healthily


Our hair needs many proteins and amino acids mainly found in vegetables and certain foods to grow healthy and strong. Caring about your diet can improve or decrease smoothness and strength, having a “green” diet is definitely necessary when taking care of your hair.


. Trim your hair regularly


Split ends form when the hair is damaged due to heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress, and so on. Trimming does not magically make the hair grow faster but it makes appear better and healthier. The time recommended to trim your hair is every 6-8 weeks.


. Hot shower


Hot showers strip off the natural oils from your scalp leaving it dry and flaky. Cold showers are your best friend.


. Style your hair naturally


Style your hair without heat-activated tools, let your hair dry by its own, and only style it with your hands (for curls) and t-shirts 


What happens when you stop taking care of your hair?

 Growth becomes harder, leading to Split ends and slow growth. With time you can experience dandruff, dryness, and hair fall, all consequences of slack in your hair care. 



When to see a dermatologist?

If taking the proper care of your hair doesn´t change anything about it definitely consider visiting a good dermatologist for medical advice. When using a new product Always watch for itchy or redness in your scalp, the appearance of dandruff is also a sign of allergies and backfire effects, at first sign immediately go see a doctor.