Does protein help with hair growth?

Does protein help with hair growth?

Have you ever wonder how to make your hair grow faster? And even better, faster, and healthier than normal? What if I tell you that is possible? Cause hey, it is!


Hair strands are primarily made out of a protein called keratin, responsible for working as the life of the hair, meaning it is also responsible for the health of your strands and how fast and Strong the strand can grow.




Hair protein has many positive side effects when used, however, it needs to be used properly since the lack of protein can cause your hair to break. You need to get a healthy dose of protein from your daily diet to ensure that not only hair growth but also all your other body functions are regulated effectively.


One of the ideal uses is to restore hair damage and create a protective layer around the strand, since protein reduces hair porosity, increases the shininess and thickness of your hair. Inadequate levels ensure protective durability against pollution, heat, and chemicals that may be present in shampoos and other hair products you use daily.


What happens when you don´t consume enough protein?


Your body will start rationing the amount of protein available in your system and using it for more important functions like producing hormones, enzymes, and antibodies.

Since hair growth and tissue repair are not tagged as essential functions for your body’s regular functioning and survival due to the lack of protein, the supply of protein to your hair follicles is cut off. Meaning: your protein deficiency persists for an extended period, you end up with dry and brittle hair.


Protein deficiency may force a large proportion of your hair to go into the shedding phase, resulting in higher hair loss.



How can protein be added to the hair without damage?


Tridoshas are the three humors or forces of the body, which bring health when in balance, and produce diseases when out of balance. The balanced state of tridoshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) guarantee healthy hair strands, however, when your diet lacks determined proteins, tridoshas get dysregulated, causing hair loss, hair break, and Split ends.


Ayurvedic oils are an exceptional way to help hair growth, these oils also help to nourish and condition your strands. Make sure to use it twice a week and massage your scalp with them.


. Amalaki: an Indian Gooseberry oil helps balance tridoshas while stimulating hair growth by strengthening your hair follicles (also helpful against dandruff).


. Shatavari: an oil made out of asparagus, which its acids help balancing Vata and Pitta doshas while nourishing your hair


. Kapikachhu: an oil made out of velvet beans, helps balance all trisdoshas while fighting against hair fall


Keratin treatments are not only available at salons, but they can also be done at home with different recepies keratin-based that involve an external application, giving back all proteins your hair needs to grow stronger, faster, and shinner.

In general, protein hair treatments may last for 3-12 months depending on your hair care after the treatment. 



Protein treatments that help with hair growth:


Besides all alternative ways to increase hair growth with protein, there are four keratin treatments considered the most looked up on the internet and also the most used ones.


. Protein packs: you can find them online and are meant to be used in mildly to high damaged hair, becoming part of your hair routine within every two months


. Light treatments: suggested for slightly damaged hair as conditioning masks, they can be applied daily.


. Deep penetrating treatments: assigned to really high damaged hair designed to be used every two weeks as a last resource treatment


. Reconstructor: these treatments are recommended for people who apply heat in the hair daily or weekly, should be applied every one or two weeks depending on how often you use heat tools in your hair



Through protein treatments, you need to nourish your hair follicles from within to fully protect them from external damages. When very well take cared keratin treatments can help hair growth and most importantly, make your hair healthy and Strong again as it should be.