About Us

RIOBELO is a Professional Brazilian Hair Cosmetic Brand. We provide authentic premium Brazilian Hair Treatments using avant garde innovative technology,  and highest quality ingredients that are both safe to use and environmentally friendly.

At RIOBELO we are committed to excellence in everything we do.  Our partner and client relationships are driven by trust, reliability and professionalism. Our team of experts are constantly working on R&D to provide users with accessible solutions that are efficient and value driven. We take particular pride in the 20-minutes only™ technology that combines practicality with outstanding results. 

Our product lines are carefully crafted to provide customers worldwide with quality Brazilian professional hair care products for both salon and home use with consistent beautiful results every time.


Our mission is to make accessible to everyone across the globe the vibrant beauty of Brazil, through premium professional hair care treatments. 


To be the Professional Brazilian Hair Cosmetic Brand of choice for professionals, salons, and customers and be recognized as a benchmark for innovation, quality performance safety, and sustainability. 

Brand Values

RIOBELO’s core values are driven by our passion and ethos and continue to guide our business practices with a clear position within our industry. 

Leadership and Innovation through constant investment in research and technology bringing to market  transformational professional hair care products.

Authenticity and Customer Centricity throughout the value chain to where we are the brand of choice, the brand that resonates with stakeholders.

Accountability and Sustainability through a firm commitment to the environment,  our partners and customers that safeguards our integrity  and sustains long term confidence.  

Creativity in celebrating diversity and individuality and in bringing out of the box practical solutions that shape the future of hair care treatments.

Brazilian culture is part of us and we are very proud of it. We admire our culture, our roots and our people.


To those dreamers and doers

To those who seek the revolutionary; to those with attitude and purpose 

To those who love unconditionally;   to those who celebrate  flavours and music 

To those who embrace change while saluting their roots 

To those who trust in the goodness of nature 

To those who believe in freedom, individual beauty and diversity 

To those who are passionate;  to those who are sincere and authentic

To those who want to live life to the fullest; appreciate the minute, the second  

To  those who live in confidence and with unfettered passion 

To those who seek the exceptional and revel in the beauty, simplicity and magnitude of details

To those who demand a choice,  a solid choice, a genuine choice