Our Impact

We are living within a story which doesn’t yet have an end, but that can be a good thing. That means the story is in our hands; we can decide how to develop it. Our planet has limited resources, the climate is changing, so why aren't we changing too?

At RIOBELO, we believe in human change.

Our goal is to reduce the impact to the environment and, crucially, not violate any of the Planetary Boundaries while doing so. Therefore, we work together with our suppliers and our partners to ensure that everyone involved is aligned with this great commitment.

We are aware and create awareness; we want our customers to be our allies and fellow travelers on this journey towards a fully sustainable world. To make this possible, we guarantee that our processes, as well as our products, are always improving.

On the People

Human Rights

At RIOBELO, we believe in and respect human rights. Our work is exhaustive and continuous in order to ensure that we respect the rights to life, safety, health, decent work, privacy and more.

Our goal is to always have an ethical and responsible attitude, ensuring that work relationships adhere to both local and international ethical and social standards.

Empowering Communities

RIOBELO is determined to make improvements within the communities in which we work.

The sustainable extraction of raw materials as well as our economic relationship with the communities involved are key concerns for us. We want to ensure the development of these communities and the quality of life of all the people involved in our processes. Our goal is to have a positive impact on our entire value chain. 

We firmly believe that our partners are more than just our suppliers, they contribute to the strengthening of our brand and to our sustainable commitments, reinforcing our values.

Our partners have as premise the hiring of employees from the region where the factory is located, which is a humble region in the city of Mairiporã.

In addition, there is also an incentive for studies where our partners pay 50% of the value of training courses.

On the Planet

Respecting Biodiversity

We are aware of the degradation of our biodiversity which affects the whole planet. If we don't do our part and encourage our entire value chain to do the same, we won’t get much further. This involves our whole system, from the small-scale producers to our customers.

This is why we are committed to the preservation of the Brazilian rainforests and we insist that our partners also share our goals for the good of our planet.

Therefore, one of the programs that we support is Plante Árvore, an action of the Brazilian Forestry Institute (IBF), which aims to restore degraded areas to native forest. Also, the Plante Árvore certificate guarantees that RIOBELO neutralizes greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) through the planting of native trees in Brazil.

Natural Resources Preservation

The majority of the scientific community agrees that humanity is increasingly close to completely depleting our natural resources.

That's why, here at RIOBELO, we continually seek to offset our actions and join with partners who do the same. An example of this is ensuring that all water used in the manufacturing process is disposed of correctly, without polluting the environment or water supply and also making sure that it can be reused safely.

We, as a company, are constantly evolving as we search for other methods to reduce the negative impacts to our planet.

On Our Products

Quality and Safety Formulas

Our products are 100% Brazilian in their entire value chain. Our raw materials are meticulously chosen to guarantee the highest quality, efficiency, and safety.

Quality for us means choosing the best ingredients, having the best formulas, which produce the best results. The well-being of our customers is our main concern, which is why we are committed to ensuring the best quality and performance possible.

We join with partners who use the latest technology in the study and production of our products, so that you, our customers, can enjoy the best results.

Recyclable Packaging

In our endeavor to create a more sustainable planet, our packaging is completely recyclable. This brings environmental, economic and community benefits. 

Plastic has a slow degradation cycle and disposing it creates many problems due to its difficulty in decomposition and long lifetime. This causes many problems within our natural environment and so recycling is essential for the maintenance of life on the planet. Communities working with us can generate income from the collection and production of recycled plastic articles, and thus, this initiative creates jobs and strengthens the local economy as well as raising awareness about the importance of reuse.

Environmental Impact

At RioBelo, we are constantly concerned with the impact that our products and processes can have on the environment. Our partners comply with all good international practices for safe and clean production in order to reduce contamination and waste. Contributing to the protection of the environment, preventing pollution, and causing the least environmental impact possible guarantees us the Green Seal (Selo Verde).


✔ Gas emissions

✔ Recyclable packaging

✔ Vegan

✔ Organic

✔Cruelty Free

✔Green Seal