The benefits and drawbacks of using a flat iron

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The benefits and drawbacks of using a flat iron

Hair fashion is getting really diverse and accepting a wide range of textures and hairstyles. All kinds are popular now, from delicate waves to fully coily hair. But the classic straight hair has always been a fan favorite, and many women still seek it out.

Even if you have curly hair and adore your bouncy and voluminous look, we all crave a little change now and then. And to help with that, there are the well-known styling heat tools, such as flat irons.

Many love flat irons and many hate them. At the same time, many wonder if these heat tools are safe to use and avoid it since they don’t know the answer. We'll clear up this misunderstanding right now: read this article to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of flat irons.


How does a flat iron work?

Flat irons are made up of plates that evenly distribute heat. These hot plates flatten and stretch the hair, resulting in super straight and sleek strands.


Advantages of using flat irons

Flat irons might come in handy whether you're having a terrible hair day, if you want to update your hairdo, or want to change a little for a few days. Take a look at the tool's main benefits:


  • Immediate frizz reduction


  • Cuticles sealing, resulting in instantaneous and intense shine 


  • Versatility: contributes on the creation of beautiful and different hairstyles


  • Helps to maximize and intensify some hair treatments, for example Brazilian blowouts


Drawbacks of using flat irons

Flat irons are quite practical and may instantly make your hair stunning. But keep in mind that this isn't a hair treatment. Excessive heat exposure can cause a range of negative effects on hair. For example:


  • Rough texture


  • Opacity and dryness

  • Elastic texture

  • Hair fiber damage

  • Split ends

    Reducing and preventing damage

    Flat irons - and all kinds of heat tools - can cause damage and this is an unquestionable truth.


    But you don’t need to be desperate or quit the use of flat irons for good. Some habits can reduce and prevent flat irons side effects. And if you follow them, you can still use your favorite heat tools and keep your hair healthy.


  • Be cautious when ironing

    Don't iron the same strand more than once, and don't leave the iron heating your strands for too long. To create a nice look and avoid damage, make quick and accurate movements. Another key piece of advice is to never use an iron on wet or humid hair.

  • Keep your hair moisturized

    Keeping the hair hydrated is necessary for its health. If you utilize heat tools regularly, this is even more important. Invest in high quality hair products, particularly hair masks, and use them once a week.

  • Invest in a good iron

    Some flat irons have technologies and materials that are less damaging. There are basically two main types of irons: irons with ceramic plates or metal plates. Give preference to the first option: ceramic heats more evenly, which is less aggressive for hair. Besides, irons with adjustable temperature also are great: you can regulate the heat to make sure it won’t burn your locks.

  • Don’t iron too often

    Perhaps the most crucial advice. Even if you enjoy using flat irons, limit your use to once a week. If you don't give your hair time to recuperate, it doesn't matter how often you moisturize it. If you love a super straight look everyday, consider getting a Brazilian blowout.

    Now you know all the pros and cons of a flat iron and learned how to use it, we hope you enjoy your straight and healthy hair look.


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