Summer Hair Care Deals

Summer Hair Care Deals

Summer is one of the most expected seasons, a synonym of pool, parties, vacation, and humidity, a big red flag when it comes to hair terms, nothing worse than putting time and effort into straightening. With the warm weather, frizzy hair becomes an obstacle for most girls; along with dryness, the hair can feel weak, signaling the bigger need for a good hair care routine to stay healthy during this time of the year.

For good hair care, hair smoothening becomes essential, restoring the dry hair damaged by the heat. Following along with heat protectors, some essential oils, and deep cleansing shampoo, creating a routine that protects the hair without any stress.

A bad hair day can lower our self-esteem and make us feel unworthy, one of the most important reasons to keep them with no frizz and yet healthy.


Frizz can also be a result of hot water, which can cause the same damage as humidity, the dry cuticle becomes rough and opens up and stress out the scalp and your hair, which are the main sources for producing natural hair oil. To avoid more damage low-temperature water, lukewarm to be more specific, should be chosen instead of hot water, also use hats during tanning so a scalp sunburn won´t appear and cause more stress to your hair.




Deep cleansing shampoos not only clean your roots removing more dirt than a normal shampoo but also cleans deep down your scalp, helping with other problems not caused by the heat, like dandruff and excessive production of oil. Washing your hair with this kind of shampoo at least twice a month is a great way of keeping your roots healthy. Among essential oils that can provide extra vitamins for your hair, heat protectors not only protect your hair from artificial heat but as well with solar heat and most brands provide UV protection.


Probably the most wanted procedure in hair salons is the brazilian blowout, a promising technique to straight permanently your hair, only needing a blowdryer to get that salon straight look at home after getting the procedure done, definitely a go-to to all women with frizzy and textured hair.

Usually a top choice for people with thick hair that’s textured, curly, kinky, or wavy, and it’s also an ideal choice for straight-haired girls who just can’t deal with the amount of frizz that their hair has. After the process, the hair is bone-straight when flat ironed, and when washed it becomes to get softer, more controlled and less tangle-prone than before.


However, the brazilian blowout is chemically dangerous to our lungs due to the big amount of formaldehyde used. During the procedure a lot of smoke comes out of the hair while straightening it, the same smoke that goes straight to the clients and hairdresser lungs, meaning long-term consequences can be harmful when done more than once a year.





RIOBELO has a Brazilian blowout and a botox treatment, both frizz ,and formaldehyde-free, proven to straighten and nourish the hair. Both our treatments are made out of plant-based substances, non chemically treating your hair with the best the market can give you while taking care of your health.

Our Brazilian blowout creates a protective barrier around the hair follicle, protecting it against heat damage and preventing frizz, leaving your hair in place without any harm during your day. Now both you and your hair can have the best treatment without worries.


Another positive point worth mentioning is less time consumed since using a flatiron will no longer be necessary; only a blowdry will guarantee perfect shiny and straight hair, with less artificial heat the hair will grow healthier with a smaller chance of slipt ends and pores strands. Giving a natural shine to its natural color and more strength for a powerful growth while saving a few extra minutes to yourself, no need to live in such a rush all the time.


Getting a formaldehyde-free brazilian blowout is a game-changer for every woman who uses hair straightening tools and yet has a complete hair care routine. Keeping the hair healthy after the procedure is extremely important, an different aftercare routine will make sure the strands are getting all vitamins they need, it should be used for about 15 days to a month for extra care.


During these days you should give preference to products full filled with vitamins, essential oils, natural or based-plant formulas. Heat protectors are a must-have bucket list item as well as every single product labeled as ideal for fragile and salon-treated hair.




Following all of those tips, creating a good and complete hair care routine, for both day and night, before and after the blowout, is guaranteed your hair will have the best outcome when talking about smoothness and strength. Make sure to talk with a professional hairdresser and a dermatologist for additional information and to find out what type of products are the best for your after-care perm.