Blonde hair and straightening: what you need to know

Blonde hair and straightening: what you need to know

Find out the best way to make your blonde locks smooth and shiny!

Blonde hair is an obsession for many women around the world. Those who weren’t born with it, can dye their hair and make their dreams come true! However, either way, blonde locks need a lot of care - especially if color-treated. Normally, one of the main complaints of fair-haired ladies is that their hair gets super frizzy. So today, we are going to talk about straightening procedures!


First of all, you should know that there are several ways to make your hair straight and/or smooth: chemical, non-chemical, and natural procedures. And even though we usually associate chemicals with bad things, these smoothing procedures can be some of the best for blonde hair!


  • We could say that flat ironing is the most popular way to make hair smoother and straight. Despite its established fame, flat irons aren’t the safest way to get rid of frizz (mainly when we are talking about blonde hair)! 

    Heat is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. When done incorrectly or frequently, flat ironing can cause your hair cuticles to open and the hair fiber to break, resulting in dry, frizzy hair and color-fading. So if you do need to use a flat iron, make sure you do it the proper way!

  • This type of straightening procedure is still done but peaked in the 2000s. Hair relaxing consists of chemically breaking down the hair’s natural bonds (the ones that result in its shape), making it smoother, straighter, and frizz-free.

    Due to the number of chemicals in hair relaxing products, it’s important to get it professionally done and take good care of your locks afterward. The cons of this type of procedure, especially for blonde hair, are that it alters the original shape and affects lighter hair colors. Not only that, if your locks are curly and you find that you’re missing those curls, you’ll need to let them grow again after the treatment.

  • As we said before, not all chemical procedures are bad! Brazilian straightening (aka Brazilian Blowouts) is an easy and safe method to achieve smooth and shiny hair! Not only that, but since the products used in this procedure are mainly composed of proteins, it also helps to restore the natural constitution of your locks - an awesome thing if your blonde hair is colored!

    Another great thing about Brazilian straightening, it’s that you can do it by yourself or get it done by a professional. But even though it is the best procedure for color-treated hair and the safest smoothing method, it can still impact your hair color. That’s why you should always look for products that are specifically formulated for blonde hair!

    A fantastic recommendation is RIOBELO’s Açaí Real Brazilian Protein, a product that has an anti-yellow technology and the innovative  20 minutes only™ technology - which means, you’ll have smooth, frizz-free, and shiny hair in less than 30 minutes! Not only that, but your blonde mane will also receive all the benefits of the açaí extract: strength and elasticity.

    Using the RIOBELO’s Açaí Real is quite simple: 

    • Either in a hair salon or at your own home, apply the product to clean, dry hair, from the roots to the ends. 
    • Let it act for 20 minutes (if your hair is curly, leave it for a maximum of 40 minutes for better results) and then, rinse your locks until only a bit of the product is still in your hair.
    • After that, brush your hair and blow-dry it! Use a flat iron on small strips of the hair (10 to 15 times on each strip) and that’s it!

    As you can see, there are several straightening procedures available, but not all of them suit blonde hair. So now you know that, If you want your golden locks to look prettier than ever, you have to choose the right method and the best product available!