A beginner’s guide to the Brazilian Blowout

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A beginner’s guide to the Brazilian Blowout

Get to know all the details about this popular (and amazing) treatment

Who has never wished that their frizzy, lifeless hair would be shiny and soft all of a sudden? Well, unfortunately, there is no way to snap your fingers and get the hair of your dreams. However, don’t be sad! There is something very similar to magic that you can resort to: the Brazilian Blowout!

Also known as a keratin treatment, Brazilian Blowout is one of the most performed treatments around the world. Performed both in professional salons and at home, this type of procedure is a simple and effective way to achieve silky and full of life locks! And the best part is, if you have curls or waves, they will still be there - they will just get softer! Awesome, right?

Now, let’s get some things straight!


    If you feel like your hair is just too much to handle, maybe getting a Brazilian Blowout done will do wonders for your locks. Just like unmanageable hair, frizzy and brittle hair can also benefit from a Brazilian! However, although they also have frizz, fine manes shouldn’t resort to this procedure… Unless you or your hairstylist use a product that is formulated specifically for fine hair or for all hair types!

    One great product available is RIOBELO's Maracujá Real Brazilian Protein! With RIOBELO’s innovative  20 minutes only™ technology, you’ll be sure to get smooth, frizz-free, shiny hair in no time. Not only that, but your locks will also benefit from passion fruit’s (maracujá, in Portuguese) amazing properties!

  • As we mentioned before, a Brazilian Blowout can be done both at home or a hair salon. Although it’s recommended that you get the procedure done by a professional if you are a novice to hair care, there are some products (likeRIOBELO’s Maracujá Real Brazilian Protein) that are very simple to use!

    To sum up the process in a few simple steps, first of all, you need your hair to be clean and dry. Then, you should apply the product in tiny sections of your locks and let it act for as long as the package recommends. After that, rinse your hair (some products must be rinsed completely while others mustn’t) and brush it! To finish it off, blow dry your hair and use a flat iron to make it super smooth! 

  • The main benefit of a Brazilian Blowout is, of course, the smoothness it provides to the hair. But what does it mean? This means that you’ll spend way less time styling your hair each day - especially if you are used to using heating devices like blow dryers and flat or curly irons daily. Therefore, the advantages of getting this procedure done also extend to the overall healthiness of the locks: since you won’t need to use styling devices all the time, your hair cuticles and capillary fibers won’t be damaged!

  • Although the answer can vary depending on the product you use and how well you take care of your hair after the procedure, typically, a Brazilian Blowout lasts for about three months. So if you want your locks to be smooth and shiny for as long as possible, make sure you follow some of the tips below:

    • Don’t wash your hair frequently! The more you wash it, the faster the effects of the Brazilian Blowout will fade. 
    • If you exercise often, know that sweat also affects the aspect of your locks. To make the procedure last longer, try to get your hair wet with cold water before exercising! This will avoid your mane from absorbing the sweat.
    • Use products for hair that went through chemical treatments.

    Now that you have all the information about this fantastic treatment, the only thing you need to make sure is that you’re using the best product available in the market and that you’ll take good care of your locks after getting it done! Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy life with smooth, shiny, and super manageable hair!